No Income Investment Property

No Income Investment Property

No Income Qualifying Investment Property loans for Long Term Rentals and Airbnb/VRBO


Our investment property program offers a simple to qualify loan for investors seeking to expand their property portfolio. In today’s rental property and Airbnb environment, this program has very few primary requirements:(1) payment history on the subject property (refinances) and on the investor’s primary residence (2) subject property is required to reasonably cash-flow – as determined by an appraisal (3) down payment or equity & cash to close (4) acceptable FICO scores.


This is a No Income Qualifying Investment Property loan. No tax returns, no gathering up documentation on all your other income properties. Interest rates and down payment requirements are very reasonable and are dependent on down payment, FICO scores, and the subject property’s cash flow. (There is an income-qualifying option as well which will improve your loan terms.)


There is no maximum number of financed property restrictions, Jumbo, Multifamily, Condo, and Cash-out, are all OK. Other restrictions may apply.