VA Purchase Options

The VA home loan program was created in 1944 to help returning U.S. veterans purchase homes without needing a down payment or perfect credit. Over 20 million veterans and their family members have used the VA Home Loan to purchase or refinance their homes.

Like most home loans, the VA loan has guidelines for income, assets, credit and property. However, unlike other home loans, VA did not significantly tighten up their lending guidelines in response to the collapse of the housing market. Common sense underwriting and 100% financing options, make the VA home loan one of the most popular VA benefits available to service members today.

There is no VA Zero Down Loan Limit!

There is no VA Zero Down Loan Limit! So long as you have full VA entitlement available – you do not have an existing VA Home Loan, and you qualify from an income and credit perspective, you can purchase a $2,000,000 house with zero down, the sky is the limit! This is one of the many provisions included in the Blue Water Navy Veterans Act that went into effect on January 1st, 2020.

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VA Purchase

While many Veterans choose to utilize their VA home loan benefits, the VA loan is certainly not the only option available.

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VA First Time Home Buyers

For potential homeowners, the decision to buy a home is one of the largest financial decisions they will ever make… and it’s riddled with emotions like fear, excitement, hope and confusion.

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VA Relocation Loans

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VA Purchase Contracts

When you work with a licensed real estate professional in Idaho, you will typically write an offer using a standard contract form.

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