About Dean & Shanna

Hello from Dean and Shanna Tucker!

We are mortgage lenders in Boise Idaho and have been helping people just like you purchase homes since 1998. We are very passionate about educating our clients because the right or wrong mortgage can change a person’s financial future. We provide all our clients with a written plan on how to pay off their mortgage years early and build wealth for retirement.

Every person’s situation is unique and interesting. Finding the best loan program to meet a client’s long-term needs is like solving a complex story problem… and it’s extremely rewarding. We love setting people up to understand and maximize their long-term wealth goals.

Why is this so important? Many people spend more time picking out paint colors than learning about their mortgage. But it’s not their fault… for most people, the only question they know to ask is, “What’s your rate?” But the truth is that there are over six ways to save money on a mortgage and rate is only one of them. We love working with clients to help them save money… not only on the interest rate but also on mortgage insurance, points, closings costs and MORE!

After we’ve optimized our client’s mortgage, our “special ops” team take over. Service is everything and the “special ops” team is obsessed with making sure that everyone’s home buying process as smooth and enjoyable as possible.

We believe we have the power to positively impact every life we touch. As cheesy as it might sound, we believe we can make the world a better place… one mortgage at a time.