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Featured on Redfin: “How to Avoid a Delayed Closing: 7 Common Roadblocks to Be Aware of”

avoid home closing delays

Once your offer has been accepted, the excitement kicks in, and the countdown to closing begins. But before you can get your keys, you’ll want to be cautious of any roadblocks or setbacks that could cause a delayed closing and postpone your move-in date. From appraisal issues to home inspection roadblocks, there’s a lot that can go awry before finally closing on your property. So how can you avoid a delayed closing?

We teamed up with Redfin to cover common issues that can arise during the closing process and potentially set back your closing date. Here’s a snippet of what we had say:

Financing issues:

To avoid a closing delay or, even worse, the sale falling through, it’s essential to be upfront and honest with your loan officer. “Give your loan officer full disclosure from the start – tell us everything. There’s no judgment here as we’ve seen it all. Tell us about old overdue child support and tax liens that could pop up and end the process. Just because it’s not on your credit report doesn’t mean it’s not out there. These can take days to research and get cleared,” explains Dean Tucker of Benchmark Mortgage in Boise Idaho.

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