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Self-Employed Home Buyers Struggle, but Help Is On The Way


If you’re self-employed, I just wanted to share a quick mortgage tip with you that might help you buy a home even if you’ve had problems in the past.

We have a new mortgage program that is specifically for people, like yourself, who are self-employed. What makes it different is that it only requires one year’s worth of tax returns. This is new and it’s HUGE.

Traditionally…you would have been asked to provide the last two years’ worth of tax returns which has been a big challenge for many self-employed folks…especially if their income has been inconsistent.

While this program may not help everyone, we are projecting that it will help 30% more business owners than prior loan programs. Again, that’s huge!

My husband Dean, and I work as a team. Benchmark is a mortgage bank and we have local processing, underwriting and appraisals. Dean is absolute expert on helping self-employed people.

Call us today… we’d love to help you too.